Edgar Schmidt
Web Development
Database Applications

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Pages with liquid behaviour

The width of the viewport is detected and the page layout becomes liquid, adjusting itself automatically to the dimensions of the window. This reduces updating effort because the content data is single-source from desktop to smartphone screens.

Cross-Media Publishing

The use of advanced publishing software offers many advantages. Special functions allow for single-source multi-format publishing and re-use of content on two levels: between documents and between different media.

Several Languages

Native speakers translate legal, commercial, industrial, and technical content. Quality assurance is maintained by experienced editors with high educational levels.

Languages: German, French, English, Spanish, Italian

Database Applications

Web-based Applications

Client-server applications for multiuser access. Design and management of complex relational databases (SQL-type).

Offline Applications

PC applications with database, standalone with GUI for desktop use or integrated in server environments.

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